Selfie With Mark Skaggs(The Creator of multi-million user game "Farmville,Cityville")

Selfie with my Farm, Selfie With Mark Skaggs

The creator of multi million user game "farmville,cityville", the one who first implemented a successful game by linking agriculture with Technology, through his humble effort he s capable of creating enthusiasm towards farming, over people around the world. The one and only Mark Skaggs, A simple man with a huge vision. While visiting our small demo farm garden, he is much eager to know about our venture, its flow of working... "Being simple and be focused on our dream" the great message we got from his interactions... "Mark is able to make a trend in virtual world of gaming through technology, FarmersFZ is trying to make trend in real life farming through technology". Farmersfz received appreciation for our real life social venture.

A selfie at our demo farm garden 2 at Nasscom Startup Warehouse Kochi in association with farmersfz Selfie with my farm contest. ‪#‎selfiewithmyfarm‬ ‪#‎contest‬ ‪#‎Nasscom‬ ‪#‎kochi‬ ‪#‎farmersfz‬ #Farmers Fresh Zone #FarmVille 2 #FarmVille #CityVille #CityVille 2

So let's be a part of the contest

Nasscom Startup Warehouse Kochi , a great place for the start up to grow... Great support to get in touch with the best people...

"Do farming, Promote farming"