A journey for a healthy society - Farmvisit Organised by FarmersFZ

Kerala, God's own country spreads the wings for its healthy existance in the modern era through agriculture. Vegetables are inevitable to satisfy the appetite of every individuals. At the same time, the vegetables should be non-toxic to assure good health of people.

FarmersFZ :- An online market for fresh and safe vegetables based on Cochin infopark, is proud and glorious enough to share that we have completed 275 golden days of its presence. FarmersFZ have already proved that its a trustworthy and the one & only one online venture for fresh and safe vegetables. As a part of its glorious journey, we could arrange an open Farm Visit on 9th April 2016, we are so happy to see that many techies, techies along with families have participated. We are sure that this farm visit have helped each and everyone who participated in farmvisit is able to travel through safe cultivation methods of FarmersFZ. It was also a great platform to seek the guidance of expert in farming area to clear the queries of many in this field.

In FarmersFZ phase one farmvisit, we have visited farm places of #Snake Gouard #Tomato #Bitter Gouard #Cucumber #AshGouard #Naadan Payar #Brinjaal #Plantain Fruit #Tapioca #Spinach #Salad Cucumber

Its our greatest pleasure to thank each & everyone who spent their precious time to be a part of this farmvisit.

In this short span of time FarmersFZ has extended services in 4 villages. By next 2 years we wish to connect 25 villages in this Farmers Fresh Zone group.

Team FarmersFZ expecting your whole hearted support & help throughout our journey to serve you better for a healthy tomorrow.

**Let's do farming - farming for the better future**