Milestone in 6 months of quality

FarmersFZ connects organic farmers across Kerala : Milestone in 6 months of quality

FarmersFZ is celebrating 6 successful months of quality. FarmersFZ connects organic farmers across Kerala. It's our pleasure to share that FarmersFZ is now associated with organic farmers in Munar/Kanthalloor. We made a visit to their organic farms to verify the quality and farming methods. We had a discussion with them regarding their farming, cultivation, usage of organic fertilizers, seeding, sapling, climatic influence on farming, seasonal vegetables and fruits etc. We visited around 20 acres of farmlands.

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We are planning to add cold-climate vegetables and fruits to our cart in the coming days. We are partnering with "PravasiOrganic" for the distribution of safe and healthy vegetables and fruits. This is one of the greatest steps by FarmersFZ because we had been receiving overwhelming requests for including cold-season vegetables in our list. FarmersFZ will ensure vegetable safety by continuing regular monitoring of our farm places.

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