FarmersFZ extent services to Nenmanikkara Grama-Panchayath

FarmersFZ extent services to Nenmanikkara Grama-Panchayath

The harvesting inauguration of organic farming conducted by Saradhi Kudumashree unit was done by Nanmanikkara village panchayath president Sheela Manoharan. As the inauguration of marketing festival in the event, block member TJ Biju handed over around 1.5 tons of elephant yam to PS Pradeep, the representative and founder of FarmersFZ, an e-commerce venture helping the farmers sell their products online. The Kudumbashree unit is happy about the yield that they got, and even more happy about the price they got for their hard work. The unit guaranteed in their thanking note that they will continue to work hard on the organic farming and rely deeply on FarmersFZ for selling. Nenmanikkara Krishibhavan officer Sheeba is responsible for bringing this valuable marketing possibility to the farmers. Village panchayath development standing committee chairman Suganthi Shaju, Ambika Sahadevan, Ramachandran, John etc. spoke with well wishes. FarmersFZ got thanks and appreciation from panchayath as well as krishibhavan for doing such a great initative to help and serve farmers.

Together with farmers in Mattathur,Maala,Kanthalloor panchyath FarmersFZ is now associating with farmers in Nenmanikkara panchayath.

FarmersFZ connects farmers across Kerala.

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Malayala Manorama 28/02/16