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Watermelon Kiran
₹ 13.00
₹ 30.00
Net Wt :
1 Kg
This pesticide-free safe to eat watermelon contains 90 percent of water and is undoubtedly the ideal summer fruit. It also helps with digestion and keeps your stomach cool.

Storage method

Place them in a very cool place to increase their storage time.Don’t store watermelons with apples or tomatoes which give off ethylene gas.
Watermelon crop is one of the warm and long seasonal crops which can grow well in the tropical and sub-tropical regions, all around the world. Watermelon has great demand in the market for its freshening nature. Farming watermelon is specially done to meet the market demand for its fresh juice and also their sweet flesh. Farming watermelon as a commercial business plan is done on the larger scale in the hot summer season, all around the worlds.
Crop Cultivation
How to Grow
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