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FFZ WOW Salad 150gm
₹ 59.00
₹ 79.00
Net Wt :
1.00 Box
The WOW salad is here to WOW YOUR TASTE BUDS! Packed with the goodness of fresh Carrots, Tomatoes (seedless), Spring Onions, Green Zucchini, Coconut & Coriander leaves this salad will definitely WOW your taste buds & your health. A single serving (150g) of Farmers Fresh Zone's WOW Salad contains approximately: 85 Calories, 3.73g Fat, 13.04g Carbs, 2.65g Protein, & 4.9g Fiber. Enrich your health with powerful antioxidants present in fresh Tomatoes & Carrots. The fiber-rich Zucchini will ensure you stay full for longer thus complimenting your weight loss journey. A dash of fresh coconut will ensure your body gets healthy fats essential for healthy brain development. Order fresh fruits & vegetables online and get them delivered to your doorstep through the online fruit & vegetable delivery service from Farmers Fresh Zone.

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