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It's more than fruits and vegetables

Farmers Fresh Zone has always prioritized the safety of its customers, which is basically the foundation of our business model. Sourcing fresh & pesticide-free fruits & vegetables from local farmers & delivering them to the urban customer is a simple yet complex model that has been adopted by us.

Although delivering healthy & toxic-free fruits & vegetables is always on the priority list, being transparent & to be able to set up an efficient communication channel with our customers is something we have always aimed for.

We have introduced a few symbols that correspond to certain qualities of a product. We believe it will be easier for the customers to identify the qualities of a product just by looking at the symbols. Here is a brief regarding our new symbols

  1. “Farmer” Icon: This logo corresponds to the fact that, the particular product has been cultivated by Farmers from FFZ’s super vision from production planning.

  2. “Safe-to-eat” : The “Safe-To-Eat” symbol stands for three conditions. This symbol corresponds to the fact that the particular product has been grown under good agricultural practices & is safe-to-eat. This symbol also means that the product has been scientifically tested to ensure a truly toxic-free experience. This symbol also corresponds to the fact that the product is “safe-to-eat” or certified as “organic”. A product may meet all three, any two or any one of the mentioned criterias, if the "Safe-To-Eat" symbol is in the description.

Customers are requested to note that, Farmers Fresh Zone delivers products that have been procured directly from farmers & products that are safe to eat. Our products meet all or either one of these conditions. Sometimes, it may so occur that due to certain circumstances a product that doesn’t meet any of the above criteria has been introduced. The symbols have been introduced so that our customers can identify such products.

We believe this effective communication channel will help increase transparency & build our credibility with our customers.

3,Imported products content

Farmers Fresh Zone always prioritizes its customer satisfaction over anything & this is exactly why we always try to keep a stock of a wide variety of products. In order to ensure that this happens, we import certain products. We ensure that products like these come from trusted sources & we ensure the same by batch testing, ones that match our company standards of safety. With that being said, we always ensure that atleast 95% of our products are sourced from local farmers.

Items that are imported will be sporting this logo, which will make it easier for the customer to identify the imported products.

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