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Frequently Asked Questions
1 , What is Farmers Fresh Zone ?

Farmers Fresh Zone (FFZ) ,launched in 2016 ,is an agri tech start up, which bridges the gap between rural farmers and urban consumers and working towards the vision of bringing food safety in agri supply chain.

2 , When and How will I receive my order?

Once you are done with selecting your products and click on checkout you will be provided to select delivery slot. Your order will be delivered to you on the preferred day and time slot. Our Delivery executives will deliver you at the address provided.

3 , How are the fruits and vegetables weighed ?

Every fruit and vegetable varies a bit in size and weight. However, we have stringent control on the average sizes and weights. We show an estimated weight and price for everything in our website. At the time of packing, we weigh each item to determine final price. This could vary by a maximum of one unit weight depending on the article. In case the weight of the product is lesser than what you ordered, or if the weight exceeds than you may pay accordingly.

4 , How will I get my money back in case of a cancellation or return ? What are the modes of refund?

Please note that orders once packed cannot be cancelled irrespective of the mode of payment. Please confirm your order carefully before checkout. Rest of the cases, the amount will be credited to your wallet within 24hrs,. Please contact customer support for any further assistance regarding this issue.

5 , Is there an expiry date to my wallet credit ?

No, there is no expiry date on the wallet amount. Once the money is credited to your wallet, you can utilise it as per your convenience.

6 , My Item arrived damaged or defective. What should I do ?

We follow all quality check before packing and delivery. However, since we are not using any preservatives and items are perishables, at times there can be issues reported, in such cases, if your order has arrived damaged or defective, you could raise your concerns by reaching out to us at the time of delivery on our customer care number.

7 , Transaction money was deducted, but I did not get an order confirmation ?

This generally happens due to network issues or with an issue from your bank side. Generally, you should get an automatic refund within 72 hours. However, if you still want to clarify, please contact our customer service team.

8 , I want to work for Farmers Fresh Zone, How to apply ?

We are always on the hunt for talented individuals to join our team. Please send in your resume to hr@farmersfz.com.

9 , How does the referral system work ?

Share your referral code with your friends. When your friend completes their first order, the Referrals will receive a ₹150 discount on their first order using the referral code provided & Referrers will receive credits in Wallet Cash once the referral order has been delivered.

10 , Why do you say that your products are safe to eat ?

Fruits and Vegetables supply chain is highly complicated, as we all know that it passes through multiple hands right from the harvesting till it reach our plates. Ensuring food safety requires many factors including multisector collaboration. The approach needs to be preventive - to improve food safety and quality. Right from the seeding through good farming practices, Good storage, transportation, retail and delivery practices are equally important to make food safe.

We at Framers Fresh Zone, our materials are being sourced through approved farmers and agriprenuers within minimal hours of harvest. We have our own supply chain, where the materials are being transported in a safe manner in sanitized crates. From Our Collection centre to our fulfilment centre we follow all safe to eat protocols. From our fulfilment center via crate, these are being delivered through our delivery boys who are being vaccinated to our customers within the shortest span of harvest.

To assure you the best in quality and safety we strive to cater for you the fruits and vegetables in the shortest time post-harvest minimising multiple handling and other abuse through our robust state of the art supply chain. We implement Covid prevention appropriate protocol from farm to fork ensuring PPE to vaccination for all our crew throughout the food chain.

Grievances If you have, any complaints or suggestions about the content published on Farmers Fresh Zone please write to our Grievance Officer at grievance@farmersfreshzone.

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