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Malgova (Mango Fruit) -Semi ripe
₹ 174.00
Net Wt :
1.00 Kg
Nutritional information Each cup (165 g) of sliced mango contains approximately: 107 calories 3 grams of fiber 24 grams of sugar 1 gram of protein 25 percent daily value of vitamin A 76 percent daily value of vitamin C 257 mg of potassium 0.2 mg of vitamin B-6 Mangoes are high in vitamin A. As previously stated, 1 cup of mango contains around 25% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A. This vitamin performs several vital activities in the body, particularly in the eyes and skin. It also improves the health of your bones, reproductive, and immunological systems. Mango is one of the greatest vitamin C-containing foods. This vitamin is necessary for a healthy immune system. It also helps with muscle, tendon, and bone development. Mango consumption enhances plant iron absorption due to its high vitamin C content. One cup of mango has 46 milligrams of vitamin C, which is around 76 percent of your daily need. When it comes to healthy weight control, mango has some intriguing possibilities.

Storage method

Ideally, mangoes can be stored outside at normal room temperature. however, if you want to store mangoes for longer periods, it would be best to keep them inside a refrigerator, inside a plastic bag with small holes in it so that moisture will be retained and you can prevent the mangoes from getting spoiled. decide the storage practice depending upon how fast you want the mangoes to ripen. mangoes when refrigerated will not ripen so if you want your Mangoes to ripen faster do not refrigerate them.

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