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Tender Coconut
₹ 49.00
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1 Nos
Enrich your lifestyle with the goodness of tender coconut, packed with essential nutrients, it is your one-stop-shop for your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


Tender Coconuts can be stored at room temperature. These Tender Coconuts should not be stored in direct exposure to sunlight.


Required amount of organic manure comprising of FYM, coirpith compost, neem cake, woodash etc. is added. Care is given to each coconut basin. Proper field sanitation is maintained. Organic measures like neem based preparations and traps are adopted prophylactically to reduce the incidence of rodents, pests and diseases. Biofertilizers and other organic biocontrol agents are applied to maintain soil and plant health.


Seedlings can be planted in the month of May. Ensure adequate shade and irrigation, Proper tillage should be adopted. Soil moisture should be maintained through mulching. Grow compatible intercrops. Intercultural operations with proper nutrient management should be done.
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