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Chilli Powder ( 100 GM )
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₹ 49.00
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1.00 Nos
Chillies are anti-inflammatory which means you can add a dash of spice and health to your food with our chilli powder. Free of additives, contains 100% chillies and nothing else.

Storage method

Store ground or powdered turmeric in a cool, dark cupboard, away from direct heat or sunlight. Avoid window- sill spice racks. 2. Store the turmeric away from stoves, or any area that has high temperatures which will cause the spice to lose its flavor and strength.


Organic farm inputs are used. Trichoderma enriched organic manure together with the application of other biofertilizers add nutritive value to the soil, reducing the chance of incidence of diseases. Neem based insecticides are used to control the attack of pests. Application of lime, Pseudomonas and PGPR mix reduce the incidence of bacterial and fungal diseases.


Can be grown throughout the year.Intense care should be taken from the nursery level itself.Seeds are germinated in a highly nutritive medium further transplanted to the field. Incorporate well rotten organic manure in the soil. Stack the plant if neccessary. Weeding followed by organic manure application and earthing up should be done. Mulch the soil properly and provide proper irrigation.

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