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Cauliflower - 1 Nos (600g-900g)
₹ 39.00
₹ 52.50
Net Wt :
1.00 Each
This member of the "Cruciferous" family provides a wide range of health benefits. Cauliflower provides antioxidants & phytonutrients that can protect against cancer. The high fiber content also aids in weight loss and digestion. Cauliflowers contain high levels of choline that helps in cell membranes, synthesizing DNA & supports metabolism. Each 100g serving of Cauliflower contains 25 Calories 0.3g Fat 5g Carbs 2g Fiber 1g Protein. Farmers Fresh Zone is now delivering fresh & healthy Cauliflower to your doorstep. Order now from our online fruit & vegetable store! Eat Safe & Buy Smart with Farmers Fresh Zone.

Storage method

Refrigerate fresh cauliflower heads in a perforated or loosely closed plastic bag. Cauliflower requires air circulation, therefore do not shut or knot the bag. Simply untie the knot on a plastic-wrapped head of cauliflower from the grocery store.

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