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Disco Pumpkin
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Your health will be as good as a "Disco Party" when you try our fresh-from-the-farm Disco Pumpkins! Pumpkins are almost 94% water, meaning they're an excellent addition to your diet if your goal is to lose some weight. Excessive free radicles within your body result to oxidative stress which have been linked to diseases like heart diseases & cancer as well. Pumpkins contain powerful antioxidants which help in eliminating free radicles within your body, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Pumpkins are a vital source of beta-carotene which boosts your immunity. Regular consumption of Pumpkin improves eye health, promotes weight loss & benefits heart health as well. Per 100g serving of Pumpkin contains (Approx): 26 Calories, 0.1g Fat, 6.5g Carbs, 0.5g Fiber, 1g Protein Order fresh Disco Pumpkin from our online fresh fruit & vegetable store & get it delivered to your doorstep through our online fruit & vegetable delivery service. The pumpkins have a smooth, yellowish-orange skin with a creamish to orange coloured flesh that has a pleasant squash-like taste. Their flat, edible seeds (pepitas) are tender and mildly sweet.

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