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Onam Ready to Cook Vegetables Kit
₹ 799.00
₹ 940.00
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1.00 Pack
Farmers Fresh Zone wants you to spend less time shopping, cleaning and chopping! We are here to help you spend more time with your loved ones this Onam. That's why we've introduced the Onam Ready to Cook Vegetables (Cut Vegetables) Kit. We're here to make your life easier. This kit includes freshly harvested vegetables, cleaned , chopped & packed hygienically. You get the best Sadhya at half the time! Make this year's Onam Sadhya preparation easy and convenient with our Ready to Cook Vegetables Kit, prepared with SAFE & Fresh Vegetables sourced directly from farmers Sambar Cut - 500 g Avial Cut - 500 g Rasam Veggies - 250g Koottu Curry Cut -250 g Inchi Curry Cut - 150 g Payar Upperi Cut - 250 g Erissery Cut - 250 g Kalan Cut - 200 g Vellarikka Kichadi Cut - 250g Beetroot Pacchadi Cut - 250g Cabbage Thoran Cut - 250g Olan Cut - 250g Grated Coconut - 250 g Small Onion Peeled - 250 g Garlic Peeled - 100 g Banana Leaf - 5 Nos Note: The composition of the kit may change based on the availability of items on the delivery day.

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