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One Time Vender TVm
Manufacture Code : FFZ-M#1216
Name : One Time Vender TVm
About : Kochi, Kerala, India
Cultivation (Crops)
Ladies Finger
Amaranthus Green (200 gm)
Curry Leaves (50 g)
Mint Leaves 100g
Green Valli Payar
Green Chilli
Coriander Leaves 100 g
Celery Leaves
Palak Cheera (200 g)
Spring Onion
Small Onion
Gooseberry ( Amla )
Vinegar ( 500 ml )
Amaranthus Red (200 gm)
Raw Mango ( Pacha Manga )
Salad Cucumber
Transportation Charge (Ernakulam to Trivandrum)
Bhaji Banana
Pineapple-Semi ripe (800 gm - 1.5 kg)
Watermelon Kiran (2kg - 3.5kg)
Coconut (400gm - 650gm with top portion)
Papaya Semi Ripe (800g to 1.5kg)
Drumstick(180gm - 220gm )
Bhaji Mulaku
Blueberry (125 Gms)
Kiwi (3 Nos)
Tomato - Hybrid
Red Banana (Chengathali)
Cauliflower - 1 Nos (600g-900g)
Carrot Brunoise (Chopped) 250 gm
Mango Banganapilly- Semi ripe (900 gm - 1100 gm)
Mango Sindhura -Semi ripe (900 gm - 1100 gm)
Apple Royal Gala(450gm - 550gm)
Guava ( Perakka ) (450gm-550gm)
Pomegranate (550gm-650gm)
Broccoli (300gm-400gm)
Apple Red Delicious (450gm-550gm)
Ash Gourd(450gm - 550gm)
Baby Carrot( From Otty ) (450gm - 550gm)
Banana Nendran- Semi ripe (950gm - 1050gm)
Beans Haricot (275g- 325g)
Beetroot Ooty (450gm - 550gm)
Bitter Gourd (275gm-325gm)
Bottle Gourd (450gm - 550gm)
Brinjal Purple Stripe (275gm- 325gm)
Cabbage (600gm- 800gm)
Capsicum - Green (275gm - 325gm)
Capsicum - Red (275gm- 325gm)
Carrot (450g- 550gm)
Chinese Potato- Koorka (275gm-325gm)
Chow Chow (450gm -550gm)
Cluster Beans (275gm-325gm)
Ivy Gourd (275g- 325g)
Kutti payar (275gm-325gm)
Njali Poovan- Semi ripe (450gm -550gm)
Palayangodan Pazham - Semi ripe (950gm -1050gm)
Peechinga (450gm-550gm)
Potato (450gm -550gm)
Pumpkin (450gm-550gm)
Raw Banana (450gm-550gm)
Red Cabbage (450gm-550gm)
Robusta banana - Semi ripe (950gm -1050gm)
Salad Cucumber ( Green ) (275g -325g)
Sambar Vellari (450gm-550gm)
Snake Gourd (450gm-550gm)
Sweet Potato ( Madura Kizhangu ) (450gm- 550gm)
Tapioca (950gm -1050gm)
Tomato (450gm-550gm)
Yam (Elephant Foot ) (450gm- 550gm)
Big onion (950gm - 1050gm)
Amaranthus Green : Thoran Cut - 200 g
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